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RF Torque Wrench

Published date1:2021-09-10
RF ONE provides a selection of lab-quality click and break-over torque wrenches suitable for SMA, 2.92mm, 1.85mm, N type, 4.3-10, DIN 7/16 etc. Features of our torque wrenches:
1. Using high precision springs to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of torque value
2. Built with durable nickel plated steel wrench head, and with rugged stainless steel or yellow anodized aluminum handle
3. Working both clockwise and anti-clockwise
4. Head size is in precise control to suit the connector coupling nut, for example, SMA wrench head size 8.04mm-8.16mm
5. Each wrench is tested in torque value within 4% accuracy

For more information, please visit our website Torque Wrenches.
RF Torque Wrehch