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Low PIM Attenuators(resistor type) 110dBc-115dBc

RF ONE provides a range of low PIM attenuators with leading PIM performance guaranteed -160dBC, also with options of 140dBC,150dBC, 155dBC etc and power rates of 50 W, 100 W, 200 W to suit different applications and budgets.These attenuators cover from 380MHz to 6000 MHz.

Our resistor type low PIM attenuators are actually our RFH and RFHB series fixed attenuators, with 100% PIM test guaranteed as -110dbc at 1800MHz, 2x10W tones, or 2x20W tones based on the attenuator's own rated power. Each attenuator’s PIM data is recorded to its individual serial number.

Here are one typical 110dBc low PIM attenuators we’ve built.

RFHB06XXNC25-L: DC-6 GHz, 25 Watts, 110dBc, N, Bidirectional Attenuator

RF ONE has been committed to continuously designing and developing innovative solutions to achieve better PIM results and broader operating bands. If you could not find the desired products from our website, just contact us at

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