Semi-Rigid SG Series
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SG series from RF ONE is 50 Ohm semi-rigid coax cable that has a PTFE (solid or LD) dielectric, available in .047”, .085”, .141” sizes with max operating frequency to 67 GHz. The semi-rigid cable can be bent to the desired finished shape and still maintains the form after bending, which makes it ideal for convenient and precise installations.


  • Available in 047”, 085”, 141” sizes up to 67 GHz
  • All assemblies are 100% inspected and tested
  • Superior shielding effectiveness
  • Form stable for precise installations
  • Phase matched sets available
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P/N Frequency Max Outer Diameter Loss at Max Freq Power at Max Freq Add to RFQ
SG047 67GHz 1.16mm 9.7 dB/m 5 W Add to RFQ
SG047S 67GHz 1.19mm 10.1 dB/m 5 W Add to RFQ
SG086 50GHz 2.18mm 4.1 dB/m 34 W Add to RFQ
SG086S 40GHz 2.2mm 5.0 dB/m 17 W Add to RFQ
SG120 40GHz 3.1mm 2.3 dB/m 74 W Add to RFQ
SG141 26.5GHz 3.05mm 1.7 dB/m 106 W Add to RFQ