Phase Stable Test Cables
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RF ONE provides a range of high precision phase and amplitude stable test cables, suitable for the applications in RF production testing and ATE systems etc. Thanks to the specially chosen materials and precisely controlled cable building procedures, these cable assemblies feature superior measurement repeatability and mechanical durability under multiple flexure. Our test cable assemblies are terminated with specially designed connectors to minimize the VSWR and maximize the strength of connector/cable joint.


  • Low VSWR and low attenuation design
  • Excellent stability in phase and amplitude vs flex
  • Increased ruggedness with triple shielded structure
  • A wide choice of operating frequencies 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz and 67 GHz
  • Available with both male and female connectors
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P/N Frequency Range VSWR Max IL Max (1 meter) Connector 1 Connector 2 Add to RFQ
PL230P-185M185M-L DC-67 GHz 1.4 7.1 dB 1.85mm Male 1.85mm Male Add to RFQ
PL360P-24M24M-L DC-50 GHz 1.35 4.0 dB 2.4mm Male 2.4mm Male Add to RFQ

DC-40 GHz 1.3 2.8 dB 2.92mm Male 2.92mm Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-SMAMSMAM-L DC-26.5 GHz 1.3 1.7 dB SMA Male SMA Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-NMNM-L DC-18 GHz 1.25 1.5 dB N Male N Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-NMNM-L-RA DC-18 GHz 1.25 1.5 dB N Male N Male Add to RFQ