Phase Matched Cable Assemblies

Please download our article about RF ONE Phase Matched Cable Assemblies

Nowadays the microwave systems are in increased need for phase matched coaxial cable assemblies. The match can be specified in electrical degrees at a specified frequency( i.e.±5° @ 18 GHz) or in time delay (i.e.±2 ps).

Normally two specifications are used for phase matched cables assemblies:

A) Time Delay Match

Measure the time delay of each cable assembly by VNA, mark the time delay data typically at the middle point of the frequency range.

Please refer to the test report example provided by RF ONE.

B) Electrical Length Match in Degrees at a Specified Frequency

Measure the phase of each cable assembly by VNA across the required frequency range.

Please refer to the test report example provided by RF ONE.

Thanks to our precisely controlled cable manufacturing process and highly skilled & experienced technicians, RF ONE is able to offer phase matched cable assemblies in very close tolerance at fast delivery and competitive price.

Our phase matched cable assemblies are available from DC through 67 GHz, and can be matched in a pair, or in a set to meet absolute or relative matching values such as +/- 2ps to 67 GHz or +/-4 degree through 18 GHz.

When phase or delay matched cable assemblies are needed, please specify the below requirements:

1) Frequency of operation

2) Required phase match or delay match in ± ps or in ± degree@ x GHz

3) Quantity of cable assemblies in one set which are to be matched

4) Length of cable assemblies

5) Connector types of cable assemblies

Please contact us at, we will recommend the suitable cable assemblies for your phase matching needs.