Tight Bend MB Series
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MB series cable assemblies from RF ONE excel in their bendability from connector end, resulting from its unique cable structure and connector design. As alternatives to Minibend cables, MB series feature superior mechanical phase stability and robustness, operating max to 50 GHz. Now available in 047, 086, 141 cable sizes, with a complimentary connector range of SSMP, SMP, 2.4mm, 2.92mm and SMA. 
cable struction of RF ONE MB series


  • Allowing bend from connector end and can be repeatedly bent
  • Alternative to Minibend
  • High pull force with stainless steel wire braid
  • Direct replacement of semi-rigid cables with lower loss, better phase stability
  • Cost and space saving by eliminating use of right angle connectors and complicated bend configuration

Download the brochure for featured MB260L & MB250
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P/N Frequency Max Outer Diameter Static Bend Radius Loss at Max Freq Power at Max Freq Add to RFQ
MB250L 67 GHz 2.5 mm 10 mm 6.8 dB/m 11 W Add to RFQ
MB250 50 GHz 2.5 mm 10 mm 6.4 dB/m 35 W Add to RFQ

50 GHz 2.64 mm 10.5 mm 4.8 dB/m 34 W Add to RFQ
MB360 26.5 GHz 3.61 mm 8.4 mm 2.2 dB/m 63 W Add to RFQ