Ultra-low Loss High Power Cables
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RF ONE offers a range of ultra-low loss flexible cable assemblies, built with "Tape Wrapped" low density PTFE dielectric and high temperature resistant FEP jacket, exhibiting advantages of smaller attenuation and higher power handling. These assemblies are available in DIN 7/16, N type, SMA, 2.92mm connectors, they are ideal for long cable run use where minimized loss is important.


  • Ultra low loss, 2 dB/Meter to 40 GHz
  • Stable in phase vs flex and temperature
  • From stock or in one week delivery
  • Ruggedization options available
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P/N Frequency Range VSWR Max IL Max (1 meter) Connector 1 Connector 2 Add to RFQ
PL400-292M292M-L DC-40 GHz 1.3 2.6 dB 2.92mm Male 2.92mm Male Add to RFQ
PL800-NMNM-L DC-18 GHz 1.3 1.1 dB N Male N Male Add to RFQ
PL800-716M716M-L DC-6 GHz 1.3 0.6 dB DIN 7/16 Male DIN 7/16 Male Add to RFQ
PL1200-716M716M-L DC-6 GHz 1.3 0.5 dB DIN 7/16 Male DIN 7/16 Male Add to RFQ