Armored Bench Test Cables
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Armored bench test cables from RF ONE are designed for test and lab applications where repeatable and accurate measurements and endurable construction are needed. Our armored test cables are highly flexible and rugged, with max operating frequency options of 110 GHz, 67 GHz, 50 GHz, 40 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 18 GHz etc.


  • Repeatable and precise performance, ideal for bench test use
  • Excellent amplitude and phase stability vs flexure and shaking
  • Specially designed connectors, delivering minimizing VSWR
  • Long service life, affordable price
  • Strain relief design and multi-layer armors against tension, torsion and abrasion

➤ Download the brochure for PhaseRel Armored Bench Test Cable Assemblies
➤ Download our article about How RF ONE Test Phase Stability of Cable Assemblies

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P/N Frequency Range VSWR Max IL Max (1 meter) Connector 1 Connector 2 Add to RFQ

DC-110 GHz 1.45 15.9 dB 1.0mm Male 1.0mm Male Add to RFQ
PL180P-1M1M-L-A DC-110 GHz 1.45 14.4 dB 1.0mm Male 1.0mm Male Add to RFQ

DC-67 GHz 1.4 7.1 dB 1.85mm Male 1.85mm Male Add to RFQ
PL360P-24M24M-L-A DC-50 GHz 1.35 4.0 dB 2.4mm Male 2.4mm Male Add to RFQ

DC-40 GHz 1.3 2.8 dB 2.92mm Male 2.92mm Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-35M35M-L-A DC-26.5 GHz 1.3 1.7 dB 3.5mm Male SMA Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-SMAMSMAM-L-A DC-26.5 GHz 1.3 1.7 dB SMA Male SMA Male Add to RFQ
PL520P-NMNM-L-A DC-18 GHz 1.25 1.5 dB N Male N Male Add to RFQ