Technical Articles
Salt Spray Test for Fixed Attenuators and Terminations
In order to evaluate the metal materials and its protective coatings used for RF ONE Coax Fixed Attenuators and Terminations are able to withstand the accelerated corrosion test, we have performed the salt spray test accoding to method 101 of MIL-STD-202 on 8 type of our terminations and attenuators made of passviated stainless steel.
Coaxial Switch Terminology
The three most common switch types are (1) single-pole-double-throw (SPDT), (2) Transfer (DPDT), and (3) multiposition.
Cryogenic Performance of RF ONE Microwave Products
At RF ONE, we often receive inquiries from customers about the feasibility of using our microwave products in cryogenic applications. We would like to share the actual data to demonstrate that our 27GHz SMA 2W attenuator functions well at cryogenic temperatures.
Cable Thermal Shock Test
We perform thermal shock in accordance with method 107 of MIL-STD-202.
The purpose of this test is to determine the resistance of our Flexible RF Cable Assemblies to the exposures at high and low temperatures and to the shock of alternate exposures to these extreme temperatures.
Qualification and Acceptance Testing Specification for Flexible Cable Assemblies
RF ONE is committed to providing high quality and reliable cables and cable assemblies. We perform qualification and accepting tests based on these standards.
Thermal Shock Tests for Coax Fixed Attenuator and Termination
Fixed Attenuators and terminations from RF ONE are designed to meet requirements per MIL-DTL-3933. In this report, thermal shock tests are implemented for our various types of fixed attenuators including the 6 GHz, 27 GHz, 40 GHz, 67 GHz attenuator and terminations.