Economical EL Series
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EL series cable assemblies from RF ONE are very affordable low loss flexible cables with max operating frequency options of 13.5 GHz, 18 GHz and 26.5 GHz. Built from low density PTFE dielectric, these cables are well suited for high frequency signal transmission use when low loss is desired but phase stability is not highly critical.
cable struction of RF ONE FL series


  • Attractive cost vs performance ratio
  • Good amplitude stability vs flex and shaking
  • Low Loss with low density PTFE dielectric

➤ Please check our Cable Cross Reference Table VS other major cable vendors.

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P/N Frequency Max Outer Diameter Static Bend Radius Loss at Max Freq Power at Max Freq Add to RFQ

26.5 GHz 2.8 mm 12 mm 3.7 dB/m 16 W Add to RFQ
EL350 18 GHz 3.5 mm 14 mm 1.8 dB/m 101 W Add to RFQ
EL520 13.5 GHz 5.2 mm 20 mm 1.0 dB/m 157 W Add to RFQ
EL780 13.5 GHz 7.8 mm 32 mm 0.7 dB/m 392 W Add to RFQ