Semi-Flexible SF Series
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SF series from RF ONE is 50 Ohm semi-flexible coax cable that has an outer conductor comprised of a tin-filled copper wire braid (which enables easy forming/reforming by hand), a copper/poly foil inner layer, and a semi-rigid-style dielectric and center conductor. Available in .086”, .141” sizes with max operating frequency to 18 GHz. The conformable properties of the cable allow or easy hand-forming and shape retention, which makes it ideal for  interconnect of RF systems.

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P/N Frequency Max Outer Diameter Static Bend Radius Loss at Max Freq Power at Max Freq Add to RFQ
SF086 18 GHz 2.6 mm 6 mm 4.0 dB/m 23 W Add to RFQ
SF141 18 GHz 4.1 mm 8 mm 2.3 dB/m 97 W Add to RFQ