Armor & Ruggedization

Armors are designed to withstand harsh environments and rough handling, significantly extending the life of cable assembly. RF ONE offers a number of Ruggedization options to suit different applications and budgets.

rfone flexible cable armor options
Note. RA ruggedization is currently available for PL400, PL520P,UF370P, please check with our sales for more cable options with RA ruggedization.

Part of available armor specification

Part Number Armor Outer Jacket Crush Resistance Layer I.D. Armor Jacket Applicable Cables
AL380 PTFE braiding 2.3mm 3.8mm PL180P, PL140
AL500 PTFE braiding 3.0mm 4.7mm PL230P, PL140
AL640 PTFE braiding 4.0mm 6.4mm PL230P, PL360, PL360P, PL380P, PL390P, UF370P
AL780 PTFE braiding 5.5mm 7.8mm PL520P, FL460, FL520, UF550
AL1050 PTFE braiding 8.5mm 10.9mm PL800
AU660 PUR 4.0mm 6.6mm PL360, PL360P, PL380P, PL390P, UF370P
AU880 PUR 5.5mm 8.8mm PL400, PL520P, FL460, FL520, UF520, UF550
AU1200 PUR 8.5mm 11.9mm PL800