Temperature Phase Stable TP Series
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TP series from RF ONE is Low-loss and Phase-stable vs. temperature cables designed for phase-sensitive applications where minimal phase change over temperature is demanded.

Built from PFA dielectric, TP series cables offer outstanding 300 PPM (-40 to 60 °C) phase stability. PTFE, despite its excellent properties at high frequencies, shows a steep shift in phase in the temperature range of 15°C to 25°C. This phenomenon also known as PTFE knee could cause several problems such as detecting inefficiency, test measurement error etc. TP series cables are developed to solve this challenge.

cable struction of RF ONE TP series


  • Excellent phase and insertion loss stability vs temperature
  • No PTFE "Knee"
  • Low loss operating to 40GHz
  • Small bending radius and low profile for easy routing
  • Available with 2.92mm, SMP, SSMP cable assemblies

Download our article about about Temperature Phase Stability Test for RF Cable Assemblies.

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P/N Frequency Max Outer Diameter Static Bend Radius Loss at Max Freq Power at Max Freq Add to RFQ

40 GHz 2.2 mm 15 mm 4.7 dB/m 23 W Add to RFQ