Waveguide Straight Sections
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RF ONE offers a complete line of waveguide straight sections covering the waveguide sizes WR3 to WR1150. Our waveguide straight sections are in-house built for quality precision and specialized for customer-specific designs. We build these straight sections with precision and plate them for low insertion loss and high corrosion resistance. We have a wide range of custom options, please contact to discuss specific requirements.


  • Waveguide straight section sizes from WR-3 to WR-1150
  • Typical VSWR as low as 1.03
  • Numerous Flange Configurations available
  • Custom lengths available 
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P/N Frequency Range VSWR Max Waveguide Size Flange Type Add to RFQ
WS1150-L 0.64-0.98 GHz 1.05 WR1150 UDR8 Add to RFQ
WS975-L 0.76-1.15 GHz 1.05 WR975 UDR9 Add to RFQ
WS770-L 0.96-1.46 GHz 1.05 WR770 UDR12 Add to RFQ
WS650-L 1.13-1.73 GHz 1.05 WR650 UDR14 Add to RFQ
WS510-L 1.45-2.2 GHz 1.05 WR510 UDR18 Add to RFQ
WS430-L 1.72-2.61 GHz 1.05 WR430 UDR22 Add to RFQ
WS340-L 2.17-3.30 GHz 1.05 WR340 UDR26 Add to RFQ
WS284-L 2.60-3.95 GHz 1.05 WR284 UDR32 Add to RFQ
WS229-L 3.22-4.90 GHz 1.05 WR229 UDR40 Add to RFQ
WS187-L 3.94-5.99 GHz 1.05 WR187 UDR48 Add to RFQ
WS159-L 4.64-7.05 GHz 1.05 WR159 UDR58 Add to RFQ
WS137-L 5.38-8.17 GHz 1.05 WR137 UDR70 Add to RFQ
WS112-L 6.57-9.99 GHz 1.05 WR112 UBR84 Add to RFQ
WS90-L 8.20-12.5 GHz 1.05 WR90 UBR100 Add to RFQ
WS75-L 9.84-15.0 GHz 1.05 WR75 UBR120 Add to RFQ
WS62-L 11.9-18.0 GHz 1.05 WR62 UBR140 Add to RFQ
WS51-L 14.5-22.0 GHz 1.05 WR51 UBR180 Add to RFQ
WS51A-L 14.5-22.0 GHz 1.05 WR51 MIL3922/70 Add to RFQ
WS42-L 17.6-26.7 GHz 1.05 WR42 UBR220 Add to RFQ
WS34-L 21.7-33.0 GHz 1.05 WR34 UBR260 Add to RFQ
WS34A-L 21.7-33.0 GHz 1.05 WR34 UG-1530/U Add to RFQ
WS28-L 26.3-40.0 GHz 1.05 WR28 UBR320 Add to RFQ
WS22-L 32.9-50.1 GHz 1.1 WR22 UG-383/U Add to RFQ
WS19-L 39.2-59.6 GHz 1.1 WR19 UG-383/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS15-L 49.8-75.8 GHz 1.1 WR15 UG-385/U Add to RFQ
WS12-L 60.5-91.9 GHz 1.15 WR12 UG-387/U Add to RFQ
WS10-L 73.8-112 GHz 1.15 WR10 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS8-L 92.2-140 GHz 1.15 WR8 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS6-L 113-173 GHz 1.15 WR7 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS5-L 145-220 GHz 1.2 WR5 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS4-L 172-261 GHz 1.2 WR4 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ
WS3-L 217-330 GHz 1.2 WR3 UG-387/U Mod Add to RFQ