A Growing Family of RF ONE Attenuators
RF ONE has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of RF attenuators since 2002. We offers a variety of microwave fixed attenuators with frequency ranges from DC to 110 GHz with power handling to 2,000 Watts. Our series of coaxial attenuators are available in 1.0mm, 1.85mm, 2.2-5, 2.4mm, 2.92mm, SMA, SMP, N type, TNC, BNC, 7/16 DIN, 4.3-10 and QMA connectors.
RF ONE Cable Factory Tour
RF ONE cable factory has been operating since 2013, producing a wide range of RF / Microwave cables up to 110 GHz. Our engineering team has more than 20 years experience in cable and connector design and manufacturing. Till today, we have been granted with 13 patents relevant to RF signal processing and transmission.
Phase Stability and Amplitude Stability Test
Phase stability vs. flexure is a measure of the phase change as a result of cable flexing. RF ONE performs the test of Phase Stability of Cable Assembly in the method by wrapping the DUT cable 360 degree around the 45nm mandrel.
RF ONE Microwave Cable Assemblies
RF ONE offers a broad range of Microwave cable assemblies operating up to 70 GHz and 110 GHz, our cables are mainly for three types of applications. 1.For durable, precision test and measurement. 2.For general purpose test. 3.For high frequency interconnection.
160 dBc low PIM Attenuators from RF ONE
Low PIM Attenuators, especially high power units, are often used by in-building passive and active DAS systems. RF ONE provides a range of low PIM attenuators with leading PIM performance guaranteed -160dBc, in power rate options of 25 watts, 50 watts, 100 watts, 200 watts, 300 watts, 400 watts, and available in 4.3-10, DIN 7/16 and N type connectors.
How to Test Mechanical Phase Stability of Cable Assembly
Phase stability vs. flexure is a measure of the phase change of a cable as a result of flexing. The manner of flexure will affect insertion phase.This vedio shows how RF ONE test the phase stability of cable assembly.