23 May 2023

How to Choose a Proper Fixed Attenuator

In this article, we will discuss how to choose a proper fixed attenuator for your application. We will cover the basics of what a fixed attenuator is, how it works and what factors to consider when choosing the right one for your needs.
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15 May 2023

What Are RF Attenuators

RF attenuators are commonly used in various electronic applications such as in telecommunications to improve signal quality or to prevent damage to sensitive components. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about RF attenuators, including their types, functions, and applications.
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11 May 2023

New Lower Cost Ruggedized Options for Microwave Flexible Cables from RF ONE

We are pleased to share RF ONE has expanded the cable ruggedization options.
The new RA ruggedization is built from PTFE braiding and provides high abrasion resistance and durability to the raw cables. It is a lower cost supplement to the options of our hot-selling AL and AU armors.
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26 April 2023

New Ultra-Flexible Phase Stable Cable operating to 50GHz-UF370P

The UF370P from RF ONE is a new Phase Stable Low Loss cable in the family of our Ultra-flexible UF series. It is designed as an alternative to SUCOFLEX 550E, operates to V band 50GHz, pushing the frequency of our UF series cables to a higher level.
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21 April 2023

1.85mm Female to Female DC Block

In addition to the 1.85mm male to female Inner DC Block, in order to meet the diversified needs of customers, RF ONE has also launched a new 1.85mm female to female inner DC Block. This product has a working frequency range of 10kHz to 67GHz, a maximum voltage rating 60V, and a durable, integrated design made of passivated stainless steel. Moreover, the product's electrical performance reaches the industry-leading level, with typical VSWR 1.3 and maximum VSWR 1.5.
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12 January 2023

Low PIM Components from RF ONE

PIM becomes a significant issue when RF signal paths share transit and receive signals.
RF ONE provides a range of low PIM(inter-modulation) components with industry leading performance, typical 168 dBc (2x20 W).
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05 January 2023

High Power Waveguide To Coaxial Adapters

In addition to a broad line of standard power waveguide to coaxial adapters, RF ONE is also able to provide high power right angle or end-launch adapters which are built with custom airline N type connectors for optimized heat transfer and power handling.
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05 October 2022

WR22 to 2.4mm Female Right Angle Waveguide to Coax Adapter

AWR2224AC from RF ONE is a WR22 to 2.4mm female right angle waveguide to coax adapter, covering Q band 33 GHz to 50 GHz. This adapter has a unique anti-cocking design to address the problems in standard MIL flanges which can easily get "cocked" during screw-tight process.
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31 August 2022

1.85mm 5 Watts , 10 Watts Fixed Attenuator

In parallel with our 1.85mm 2 W attenuators, RF ONE also offers 1.85mm attenuators (and terminations) rated to 5 Watts and 10 Watts to 67 GHz, typical lead time is 1 week.
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16 August 2022

Ruggedized Phase Stable Cable assembly for Handheld RF Analyzer

RF ONE provides N type armored phase stable cable assembly which is particularly useful for portable handheld RF analyzers such as SiteMaster.
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