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2.92mm Attenuator 40 GHz 100 Watts

  • Average Power:100 W
  • Frequency Max:40 GHz
  • Connector:2.92mm
  • VSWR Max:1.4
  • Attenuations:20-60 dB
  • Shape:Round
  • Direction:Unidirectional
  • Dimensions (mm):178*160*90
  • Description
    RFH40XXKD100A from RF ONE is 2.92mm coaxial fixed attenuator operating DC to 40 GHz and rated for 100 Watts, unidirectional. Available from 20 to 60 dB. RoHS Compliant.

    For model RFH40XXKD100A, replace the XX with the desired attenuation value. Example: RFH4030KD100A for 30 dB.