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2 Way 2.4mm Resistive Power Divider DC-50 GHz

  • No.of Ways:2 Way
  • Frequency Range:DC-50 GHz
  • Insertion Loss Max:2.0 dB
  • Input VSWR Max:1.6
  • Amplitude Balance Max:±0.7 dB
  • Phase Balance Max:±7°
  • Input Power Max:1 W
  • Connector:2.4mm
  • Description
    PDR-50-242 is a 2 way resistive power divider/combiner that covers the frequency range of DC to 50 GHz. This RF coaxial 2.4mm power divider/splitter has a 50 Ohm nominal impedance and a maximum input power of 1 watts as a divider.