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4.3-10 Low PIM Attenuator 400-6000 MHz 200 Watts -160 dBc

  • Average Power:200 W
  • Connector:4.3-10
  • Frequency Range:400-6000 MHz
  • Input Return Loss Min:18 dB
  • 3rd PIM Max:-160 dBc
  • Description
    RALXX200FA-C is 4.3-10 low PIM attenuator with industry leading -160 dBc (min) & -165 dBc (typical) passive intermodulation and covers wide bandwidth from 400-6000 MHz. Power rated 200 watts, Unidirectional. They feature stable attenuation accuracy over high power input and temperature changes, well-suited for applications in wireless base station, in-building passive and active DAS systems etc.