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SMP Attenuator 40 GHz 2 Watts

  • Average Power:2 W
  • Frequency Max:40 GHz
  • Connector:SMP
  • VSWR Max:1.4
  • Attenuations:1-30 dB
  • Shape:Round
  • Direction:Bidirectional
  • Dimensions (mm):18.2(L)*6.4(φ)
  • Description
    RA40P-XX from RF ONE is SMP coaxial fixed attenuator operating DC to 40 GHz and rated for 2 Watts, bidirectional. Available from 1 to 30 dB. RoHS Compliant.

    For model RA40P-XX, replace the XX with the desired attenuation value. Example: RA40P-30 for 30 dB.