28 May 2024

2.92mm RF Components up to 43.5GHz

With the increasing allocation of 5G spectrum in the 37 to 43.5 GHz range, RF ONE offers optimized 2.92mm RF components including 2.92mm adaptersK type fixed attenuatorsterminations and cable assemblies up to 43.5 GHz, with quick delivery and proven performance.


These components can be widely used in the precise and efficient measurement for development, production, and quality assurance.


  • Options of 2.92mm in-Series, 2.92mm to 1.85mm, 2.92mm to 2.4mm adapters
  • Available in 2 W, 10 W till 50 W attenuators, typical VSWR 1.2 to 43.5GHz
  • Variety of phase stable & low loss microwave cable assemblies in short delivery
  • No additional charge for these extended frequency components
  • High-quality and high-precision, 100% tested with serialized test data


Please check test plots for these components measured up to 43.5GHz

Test Plots for Low Loss Phase Stable Cable Assembly up to 43.5GHz
Test Plots for mmWave 2W Attenuator up to 43.5GHz_RFHB4030KC2

Test Plots for RF Adapter tested to 43.5GHz_A4004B

Adapters, Attenuators, Cable Assemblies up to 43.5 GHz