04 January 2024

RF ONE Newly Released 3.5mm Attenuators

To fill the gap between our 27 GHz and 40 GHz attenuator, RF ONE now also offers precision 3.5mm 34 GHz 2W attenuator from 1-40dB! 

Like its "sisters" 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm 2W attenuators, our 3.5mm attenuator features 

  • Low VSWR and tight accuracy( VSWR 1.2 max and +/-0.5dB deviation to 34GHz)
  • Small Package in rugged stainless steel
  • Wide selection of dB values
  • Short delivery within 2 weeks

To find more, please check our website 3.5mm Attenuators

3.5mm Attenuator