27 June 2024

V-, E- and W-Band Waveguide to 1.0mm Adapters

RF ONE now offers a full line of V band, E band, W band waveguide to coax adapters, with WR10, WR12 & WR15 to 1.0mm connectors, covering from 50 to 75 GHz, 60 to 90 GHz and 73.8 to 110 GHz. These adapters provide efficient transitions when waveguide to coax is required, ideal for applications in automotive, industrial radar sensors and satcom etc.


These offerings have further complemented our wide portfolio of waveguide to coax transitions from WR975 to WR10.


  • Waveguide sizes: WR10, WR12 and WR15
  • Coax connector in options of 1.0mm male & female
  • Body styles available in right angle & end launch (in-line)
  • Excellent VSWR 1.4 in the full bands
  • Short delivery and competitive price


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waveguide to 1.0mm adapters